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Going paperless with your payroll checks can save you $2 to $10 a piece in administrative costs according to the American Payroll Association.

About Us

About Us

Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc. (IOI) is a national and award-winning provider of payroll and employer services. We offer scalable solutions to enable businesses of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies and reduce bottom-line costs by deploying state of the art technology.

With products like IOIPay, our exclusive web-based payroll platform, you can transmit your payroll via the Internet and view reports within minutes, all from any secure Internet connection,
anywhere, any time. IOIPay frees your organization from buying new hardware, loading or updating programs onto your system/server that can greatly slow down other applications critical to operating your business, besides creating additional burden on your IT staff.

Our technical expertise and high level of personalized customer service is demonstrated by our high client retention rate. Starting with implementation planning – we manage each step of the
conversion process and identify areas for proposed efficiencies.

An overview of IOI Payroll Services:, some of which are offered by third party vendors:

Get the latest Payroll News from IOIPay. We’ll provide the latest in payroll, tax, HR, & management trends so you don’t have to!

"Overall, IOIPay is a thorough online payroll solution worth consideration for your business. 9.5/10" -

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