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Did You Know?

60 % of full-time employees use some form of Web-based technology to enroll in or manage benefits.

Self-service use has experienced a growth rate of 165% over 5 years.

92% of employees cite “convenience” as the top reason to access benefits online.

Get fast and secure access to your pay statements with IOIPay’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) mobile app. Pay details are at your fingertips 24/7. iPhone users can download the ESS mobile app by searching IOIPay in the App Store. You can also download it through your web browser at


What will the app do?

  • Gross pay and net pay for each paycheck over the last year
  • Gross pay, taxes, deductions, and net pay totals for each paycheck
  • Detailed breakdown of deductions and taxes paid for each paycheck
  • Year-to-date totals for gross pay, taxes, deductions, and net pay
  • Regular and overtime hours worked in each pay period
  • Current balances for earned vacation and sick time

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