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In-house payroll processing can cost between $14 - $18 per check? Outsourcing your payroll can actually save you money at an average of $2 - $6 per check.

Payroll & Taxes

IOI® is a payroll service company that focuses on complete solutions, products, and services designed to meet the individual needs of businesses today. Relax and trust IOI with your tax filing management and regulatory compliance by taking advantage of our tax filing services through IOIPay®. IOI’s exclusive software, IOIPay, is continually enhanced using input from our clients on how we can ease the load of managing employees. We offer a user-friendly cloud-based platform that serves any size employer base—from one employee to a workforce of thousands, our system can meet your company’s needs.

Payroll Processing

Web-based payroll service: 24/7 accessibility worldwide
Multiple download and interface capabilities

Employee Self-Service

Secure site allows employees to view and print their own pay stub data, W-2s, and so much more

Mobile app available for all smartphone or tablet devices with web access capabilities

Tax Credit Services

Tax credit services discover incentive dollars for your business

  • WOTC incentives (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)
  • Affordable Care Act Provisions
  • Healthcare Insurance Tax Credit

Employee Pay Options

Direct deposit
Pay Cards

Payroll Tax Filing

File and deposit federal, state, and local taxes
Fast and professional responses to tax inquiries


Robust reporting capabilities to help you manage your employees

Optional Services

Other optional services like child support checks, tax filing for additional states, year end W-2 processing, and more are available for your unique payroll needs.

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