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In-house payroll processing can cost between $14 - $18 per check? Outsourcing your payroll can actually save you money at an average of $2 - $6 per check.

IOI is a solution-focused company that offers custom payroll for any business’s payroll processing needs.

Our user-friendly, web-based payroll platform, IOIPay, has been developed using input from our clients on how we can ease the load of managing employees. From one employee to a workforce of thousands, our system can meet your company’s needs.

The choice is yours – have it your way!
Some employers want a lot of control; others want a lighter load with their payroll processing. We offer the flexibility – after all, it’s your payroll! With IOI’s services, choose from:

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If you are looking for a service partner that puts you first with outstanding products, personal service and competitive fees, then you need to contact IOI today. Call us toll free: 888-697-0021 or click here to submit a request to be contacted by one of our skilled representatives.

Get the latest Payroll News from IOIPay. We’ll provide the latest in payroll, tax, HR, & management trends so you don’t have to!

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