Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

One of the biggest challenges of employers and HR professionals is tracking job applications and hiring new employees. Simplify these complicated and time-consuming tasks with IOI’s Applicant Tracking System. This flexible and easy-to-use hiring tool has been developed to help you efficiently identify and select the most qualified candidates for your company. A tailor-made webpage will be integrated with your company’s existing website, maintaining your corporate branding. Applications will be organized and stored securely within our web-based IOIPay platform, giving you convenient 24/7 access to the information you need to make fast, informed hiring decisions.

This applicant tracking module collects your applicant’s personal information, skills, education, work experience and EEO information. Once an employee has been hired, their information can be automatically populated into IOI’s New Hire Express. This single point of entry for applicant tracking, payroll, HR and benefit management saves you time and money by creating standardized operating procedures and practices for all employees.

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60 % of full-time employees use some form of Web-based technology to enroll in or manage benefits.

Self-service use has experienced a growth rate of 165% over 5 years.

92% of employees cite “convenience” as the top reason to access benefits online.

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