Human Resource Information System

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Seamlessly and fully integrated with our payroll platform, IOI’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows you to manage your HR data in one, easy-to-use system!

IOIPay’s® integrated HRIS platform offers many tools to help HR professionals manage applicants, as well as current and past employees. From hire to retire, IOIPay provides the performance you need to document and track your employees’ events and occurrences!

Benefits Management

Maintain unlimited benefit plans with IOIPay’s Benefit Administration.

  • Input company-wide rate changes for employer and employee contributions during your enrollment period and assign future effective dates.
  • Manage individual eligibility and securely store beneficiary information.
  • Enjoy the convenience of one fully integrated system for payroll and HR that offers automatic updates to your payroll deductions.

OSHA Compliance

Easily track and report incidents from any location with a secure Internet connection.

  • Document injury treatment and OSHA compliant workers’ compensation details, including loss of time and medical expenses.
  • Process signature ready 300 and 301 OSHA reports which are included to streamline your reporting requirements.

Company Property

IOIPay provides an easy solution to track employer’s property in the possession of employees.

  • Avoid inventory loss and costly property replacement for laptops, credit cards, cell phones, keys and more.
  • Monitor issue and expiration dates; sort through inventory by employee or by the specific property.

Employee Performance

To reduce the cumbersome and time consuming burden of organizing company-wide performance reviews and administering wage increases, IOIPay offers the ability to:

  • track performance results online
  • conveniently schedule future pay rate changes
  • monitor any disciplinary actions
  • document seniority by employee
  • automatically notify supervisors of upcoming reviews and deadlines

Job Descriptions

Standardize your employment management by establishing essential education requirements and job qualifications necessary for each position. From the application process to performance reviews, standardization is a key component for best HR practices. IOIPay’s job description area helps you ensure consistency for wage and hour regulations.

HR Notes

IOIPay’s integrated system organizes employee notes in an easy-to-navigate electronic filing system. These notes are archived and securely stored online through IOIPay.

Employee Training

Manage employee training, licensing and certification requirements for each employee in IOIPay. Document CEU credits, manage relevant dates and assign training costs to the appropriate departments.

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60 % of full-time employees use some form of Web-based technology to enroll in or manage benefits.

Self-service use has experienced a growth rate of 165% over 5 years.

92% of employees cite “convenience” as the top reason to access benefits online.

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