Background Checks

Background Checks

Trust. Confidence.

In the past, employment screening was an option. Today, it’s a necessity. The statistics become more alarming every day, and the consequences of an ill-advised hire can be devastating. That’s why choosing a screening partner with the right mix of experience, expertise and professionalism is vital.

IOI’s Background Check services, offered through BackTrack, an independent third party provider, provides access to one of the nation’s most experienced and most respected screening firms.

An exceptionally broad menu of investigative services is available – from the basics to the unexpected – with local, regional, national and international capabilities. The search menu includes:

  • Criminal Record Searches (County Criminal, Statewide, Federal, Civil)
  • CrimeTrack Criminal Database
  • Sex Offender Searches
  • Government Database Searches (EPLS, FDA, SDN, DPL, OIG)
  • Employment History
  • Business/Personal References
  • Education Verification
  • Credential Verification
  • Driving Record
  • Social Security Number Search
  • Credit Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Military Record
  • Exit Interview
  • Drug Testing (Urine & Hair Analysis)

Exceptionally fast turnaround times are available and provided as a result of this uniquely efficient, well managed and team driven background check system.

You will receive prompt, accurate answers and rapid online retrieval of information through the secure web-based system allowing you to make faster, more confident hiring decisions.

Keep in mind…

  • A significant percentage of job applicants will omit important information, or flat-out lie to you, during the application process. Some applicants will try to hide histories of serious driving violations, civil litigation, worker’s compensation claims and/or criminal records.
  • Many job applicants will fabricate credentials or overstate experience.
  • Your company’s reputation and financial stability are at stake every time you make a new hire.

Contact IOI today for more information on these professional background check services.

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