Payroll Tax Filing & Compliance

Payroll Tax Filing and Compliance

Relax and trust IOI with your tax-filing management and regulatory compliance by taking advantage of our tax filing service through IOIPay. We provide you with freedom from the risks associated with payroll tax management and the time spent in calculating, filing and depositing your taxes. This allows you to invest your time in pursuit of your company’s strategic objectives.


IOI’s payroll tax experts work directly with our clients to manage compliance with federal, state and local payroll tax requirements. Our tax and compliance team maintains the detailed tax rules that are current with the most recent tax laws. We support all federal payroll programs including COBRA reimbursements and qualified FICA tax exemptions under the new federal HIRE Act. IOIPay easily handles the most complicated compliance issues as it allows for an unlimited number of localities and accurately calculates state and local tax rate differentials. IOIPay is your partner for all payroll and payroll tax compliance.

Tax Payments and Filing Services

With our IOIPay tax filing service, we calculate, reconcile and deposit your payroll taxes and file all required payroll tax returns for federal, state and local authorities. Our payroll tax service makes your deposits and files accurate returns on-time, protecting you from very costly penalties of missing agency deadlines. We provide you with easy-to-read quarterly reports that provide a summary of deposit details as well as electronic copies of payroll tax returns filed on your behalf.

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